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RVP Represented in DC as Part of Local Leaders’ Trip

WASHINGTON, DC - The Research Valley Partnership took part in an annual trip to the nation’s capital as business and government leaders from our region brought a wish list to the elected officials representing Texas and the nation.
RVP President and CEO Matt Prochaska was a member of the delegation organized each year by the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce. The goal: deliver a legislative action plan straight to the lawmakers who can set those ideas into motion.
“The visit to Washington, DC was a fantastic opportunity to present the business interests of the Brazos Valley to our federal legislators,” Prochaska said.
The Chamber takes the proactive step of having the Research Valley’s leaders present the needs and wants of the community to members of Congress. The offices of every representative and senator in the Texas delegation received a briefing and a booklet discussing matters like economic development, workforce training, transportation and healthcare. In many cases, the presentation was made directly to the elected officials themselves.
“The 2018 Federal Legislative Action Plan starts with economic development, which is the engine that drives our local economy,” Prochaska said. “Our goal was to encourage lawmakers to facilitate economic success and quality of life by implementing more localized decision-making processes, returning control to the state level.
“We encouraged our legislators to support the continued tax-exempt status of municipal bonds, enacting comprehensive immigration reform, building a qualified workforce, energy independence, maintaining current authorities and funding for Community Development Block Grant funds, a strong national defense, national cybersecurity and enacting fair international trade agreements,” he continued. “All of those ideas will strengthen our local economy.”
As part of the trip each year, Congressman Bill Flores of Bryan organizes a day during for many key members of Congress to visit with the delegation and exchange thoughts. This year, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Ways and Means Committee Chair Kevin Brady were among those who met with local leaders. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos also took part in the Flores-organized day.
The 2018 visit to Washington was from Monday, May 7 to Thursday, May 10.
More information on the delegation’s trip and the legislative action plan can be found by clicking here.
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